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The best way to dock your Mac or iPad.


Introducing iStrip

iStrip creates the most ergonomic set up for your Mac or iPad. A bold statement, but completely true. Transforming the base of your iMac or Apple Display allows effortless access to the ports you need most. A central dock is also the most attractive and natural spot for your Apple hardware. Try it today and discover how so many have improved their workspace.

A Better Look

A central dock brings your Mac or iPad into a position that creates symmetry and balance. The Apple design we all love stays true throughout your workstation.

Be Comfortable

iStrip does much more than create a great looking workspace. All of the Mac’s ports are easily reachable, inches away from where our hands naturally sit on the keyboard.

Designing iStrip

With subtle grey coloring and a soft silicone design, iStrip is more design element than accessory. It naturally blends with Apple’s hardware while tying it all together.

One Size Fits All

Many of the stands or docking stations out there work with one product only. Which is great, until you buy a new Mac or iPad and you need to replace that $50 stand. Not only is iStrip a fraction of that cost, but it has universal compatibility!