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The best stand for your Mac, is a Strip!


Introducing iStrip

iStrip creates the most ergonomic and attractive set up for your Mac or iPad. That’s a bold statement, especially with all the options out there, but it’s true! By transforming the base of your Apple Display or iMac into a docking station, iStrip provides you with the ideal work environment.

A Better Look

A central dock brings your Mac or iPad into a position that creates symmetry and balance. The minimalistic and elegant designs Apple is famous for stay true throughout your workstation. iStrip puts your Mac or iPad in a place that just makes sense.

Be Comfortable

iStrip does much more than create a great looking workspace. Apple’s Displays are great products, but they are missing key ports we use every day. We need access to our Macs, and iStrip gives us that access in the most ergonomic place possible. All of the Mac’s ports are easily reachable, inches away from where our hands naturally sit on the keyboard.

Designing iStrip

When designing iStrip, a major concern was that it had to look great on the Display or iMac base when nothing was docked. iStrip wouldn’t be just an accessory, but a design element that would integrate into the overall look.

With a textured surface, iStrip has great heat resistance and durability. But it’s how soft this material feels that makes it so special. When installed, it has a unique look that blends right in with the base of the Display or iMac. It looks like part of the original design, and less like a 3rd party accessory.

The shape of iStrip has contours to match the curves at the front of the stand, but its overall shape has a more functional purpose. iStrip extends about 1 inch through the curvature of the stand. This is important, since that inch in the back protects your Mac or iPad as you dock it.

One Size Fits All

Many of the stands or docking stations out there work with one product only. Which is great, until you switch from an Air to a Pro and you’re buying a new $50+ stand. Not only is iStrip a fraction of that cost, but it has universal compatibility! Check out the list to the right.

These products can be docked with any Apple Cinema Display, Thunderbolt Display, or iMac that uses the L-shaped aluminum base.

You can expand this list to include many of your favorite Macbook/iPad cooling pads and cases as well. No other docking station can give you freedom of choice like this. iStrip is truly one size fits all.

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